Capricorn Full Moon


Capricorn is a sign of collective responsibility. Not only do Caps take pride in knowing how to manage their own lives, they take it in their own hands to help manage the lives of those around them. This is not because they think they are superior; Capricorns thrive in an orderly world.


During the full moon, we are at the peak of our monthly energetic cycle, with our manifestation powers at its highest. With the Capricorn need for collective achievement influencing us, take this time to connect, grow and build with close friends, communities you’re a part of and/or family. Communicate your visions with them. You will receive better insight into the roles the people in your life play.


The full moon is also a great time to get in touch with yourself on all levels. Utilize Cap’s traits of responsibility to tie up any loose ends in your life. Accept success. Get it together. Achieve your #goals.




Feminine Expression Movement Workshop with guest host, James Mahkween

Stretch Meditation, Yoga, Strength Improvement & Community Connecting

June 27, 2018, 6-9:00pm

$10 entry

Check out the organizers on Instagram!





A Weekly Reiki Magick Ritual

“I can do anythingggggggg, yea”

I try to do this ritual every week on Sunday or Monday to set my weekly intentions and to set off long-term inner transformations. It takes about 40-45 minutes for me to complete the entire ritual, and my frequency is higher for the rest of the day.

This ritual is done using the Reiki CKR and DKM symbols, and a Reiki crystal grid. For those who do not have access to these symbols or a grid, I will include the modification.


First, using the Reiki moving meditation, call in your guides, ancestors, loa, orisha, angels, higher power, and whoever else is here for your success. Once you have finished the meditation, hold the energy at heart center, palms still not touching, and state that with the energy you have built together, you send this to your ritual.

[modification: simply sit in meditation and prayer until you feel the strength of the energy you have built up.]

“God, Reiki masters, orisha, angels, benevolent ancestors and spirit guides… I send this powerful Reiki energy to my ritual. In this ritual, I will burn old intentions as a sacrifice to your love and power, and I set new ones to be charged under my Reiki crystal grid.”


Now is time to set the space for the ritual and to begin burning your old intentions. If you do not have old intentions to burn, write down traits, relationships, places, etc. that you wish to leave behind and burn those.

I set up my space by lighting all of my candles and pouring drops of patchouli oil onto their wax (not the flame). Patchouli is a great oil to use for bringing in wealth and abundance. After this, I take my long candle and use this to burn the papers. Safety tip! Place your papers in a pot, bowl or cup and take them outside along with your candle and some sage, patchouli oil, and some other herbs like rosemary. Once set up outside, light the sage and CKR your surroundings, yourself, and the pot with the papers/old intentions in it to clear away other energy. You will be the one setting the energy in the space.

[modification: simply smudge yourself and your surroundings.]

Using the fire from your candle, light a piece of the sage or rosemary branch and drop it into your pot with the papers/old intentions in it. Pour in a couple drops of patchouli on the growing pile of ashes. You should be able to lightly smell the patchouli oil. If once the papers have stopped burning, and not all have turned into ash, take the pieces of visible paper and light those using the flame from the candle. Please don’t burn your fingers. Once they are lit, drop them into your pot and let them fuse out. Once all papers are ash, pour the ash into the Earth.


Now, you can go back inside to set your new intentions. Write each new intention on separate slips of paper. Fold 3 times, writing the CKR symbol on each fold while chanting the CKR x3 each time you write it. Do this for all slips of paper. Once you are done writing, place all slips of paper into your Reiki crystal grid (assuming your grid is a pot with the crystal grid on the lid, like mine). Send Reiki and DKM to the grid while charging. Light up some incense. Thank your guides for their work and their love. Ashe.

[modification #1: place intentions on an alter or underneath a large intention-setting crystal.]

[modification #2: instead of sending Reiki, send prayer and give thanks.]

Reiki Moving Meditation

I learned the Reiki Moving Meditation from my master teacher, Raana J. Brezenoff during my Reiki Lvl III training. It is also found in the Reiki Master Level manual by William Lee Rand. The meditation is done to increase Reiki energy and vitality. It’s great to do every morning to start your day off high, and it’s great any time you need a boost of energy. I do mine mostly every morning as an energy boost and an active prayer.

This meditation does use the DKM symbol, so for those who are unable to access the DKM symbol, modifications can be made.

  1. Start standing, with your legs hip-distance apart. Shoulders back, take a confident stance. Part of the power is having confidence in your power. For those who have access to the DKM symbol, draw it on both palms while chanting DKM 3 times. Hold your palms close together without them touching and bring them to your heart center. Now, call in all guides, benevolent ancestors, Reiki masters of the past, your higher power, orisha, loa, angels and whoever else you want with you for this meditation. I call in all spirit guides, spirit, God, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Oya, Oshun, Ellegua, Esu, Orunmila, benevolent ancestors to be with me for this Reiki Moving Meditation.”
  2. Breathe. Chanting “DKM”, Lift your arms up, palms still facing each other, above your head. Turn the palms outward and bring your hands down around you as if tracing to outsides of your aura. Creating a circle, bring your arms slowly back to heart center, palms still not touching. Take a deep inhale… and twice as slowly, exhale audibly while pushing your palms down, clearing your lower chakras. Imagine pushing down all insecurities, fears, blocks, and hesitations into the Earth. Bring your hand back to start. Do this 3 times while chanting “DKM” each time.
  3. Breathe. Repeat the same movements, this time chanting, “I establish my divine presence on Earth.” This is where those who do not have access to the DKM symbol can start. Do this movement + chant 3 more times.
  4. Breathe. Repeat the same movements, now chanting, “I accomplish my divine purpose on Earth.” 3 more times.
  5. Breathe. Now, repeat the same movements while bringing back in “DKM” x3.

That’s one set. About 5 minutes. You do however many sets you like. Me, I usually do one set because I can already start to feel the energy, and I’m usually on-the-go. After you finish the meditation, it’s great to send the Reiki energy you have built up to something or someone. I might call in Archangel Michael again and send the energy to cutting all energetic chords tied to me. I might send it to my crystal grid. I might send it through me to every person I encounter in that day. It’s all your choice.

Raw Food Smoothie Recipe

“If you’re not eating raw fruits and vegetables, or juicing, you’re not getting all the nutrients you need out of your food.”


  1. Ginger
  2. Pineapple
  3. Apple
  4. Cilantro
  5. Almond Milk (make sure that the milk you are buying is made with either a natural sweetener or cane sugar, not just “Sugar”)
  6. Chia Seeds
  7. Lemon


I usually cut up a whole apple (no core) and make the rest of what I’m using equal to that. Then I pour my almond milk to the top of my raw food ingredients and add the chia seeds. You do not have to let the chia seeds soak because you will be blending them completely.


The blender I use is the NutriBullet, which is great for making smoothies and shakes. I blend my ingredients on “High” and stop it once everything has blended together and I no longer see chunks of the raw food or seeds. This makes the pulp, which is where most of the nutrients of the food are, part of the drink, instead of being chunky pieces of the drink I want to take out. Don’t forget to shake up the blender a little to mix up the ingredients that the blades might have missed!

Once everything is blended and smoothie-like, you’re good to go. The flavor of this drink is sweet with hints of !!! from the ginger and cilantro.