6 of Wands: We All Love. We All Do.

i’m glad my hair is out. it’s soaking up the sun and feeding me. i like the way my hair feeds me sunlight and hope. i like the way my hair blows in the wind. i hadn’t felt that in a while.

my mind is everything but subtle. everywhere, not still air.

it happens sometimes, and i know God doesn’t judge me. it feels uncomfortable when i spend too much time recycling the thoughts.

i’m grateful for my cloud hair. i’m grateful to serve my purpose on Earth. i’m grateful to have friends who come over to my house just to talk for 30 minutes then leave and later they post me on instagram. i’m grateful to be typing out my stress and i get a message from someone,

“i would love love love to have a date with you sometime and get to know each. i love following your story and you were immensely…”

i haven’t read the rest, because i’m resting my multitasking talent, but awe goshhhh. love it. damn love feels good.


i enjoy taking pictures of plants. nature.

i enjoy having others take pictures of me. nature.

everywhere around me looks so old, yet brand new to my eyes. it’s an interesting thing, having what you want and not at the same time. my life likes to switch things up. i get it. right now i’m enjoying body confidence through freedom of movement. dance. a couple weeks ago it was leadership, speaking and organizing. things have switched up.

marketing. marketing. marketing. marketing. marketing. marketing. marketing. marketing. marketing. marketing. marketing. marketing. marketing. marketing. marketing. marketing. marketing. marketing. marketing. marketing. marketing. marketing. marketing.

farmers market.


farmers market is on Saturday. i’m going to go and buy veggies for stir-fry because my fridge is empty and i’m spending a bag on vegan restaurants. marketing. ohmygod.

who wants to intern & manage my social? answer emails and texts & my web. i’ll take you out for lunch and tea.

i want to drink tea and meditate and make art and tinctures and write and Reiki and massage shoulders and thighs and have people touch my hair.


i’m organizing a solo gemini-strike on marketing.

come hang if you’re called to it.


“i give. i receive. i love. i am free.
i create that which gives life and love energy.
i create relationships that are self-sustaining and rooted in love.
i am here to heal, grow, to love and to give. to lead, to pass information along, to learn and to be.
i am confident in my place in the universe.
i am confident in my place in the world.
i am confident in my place in my life.
i am abundant and infinite.
i am forever grateful.
i live my life in gratitude.
and i create my worth.”


peace and love,

Katherine Elizabeth Jackson


9 of Swords: Spring Cleaning My Mind

“try not to make too many mistakes and you’re good.”

– mercury retrograde


there are certain things i just don’t understand about our system of living. there are certain things you have not touched in me and maybe i’m not ready to let you.

i love.

i love myself. i’m never full of her.

i love us and our connection and what you don’t know and the way that i see you.

i love being by myself at night and for most of the day. i love entering our spaces and being the presence that i am and i like receiving the attention. i like paying attention. which is more rare.

i like our hustle and i like supporting you and what you do and i like when i see you there for me.

i love.

i love seeing us succeed and grow. i love seeing our beautiful faces and i love showing the world our beauty.

the world can watch me. taste me. feel me. i’m vulnerable. i’m open. look. mira. i love it. and i come home and sleep; wake up and talk to my plants. decorate my home and body. i pray and self-reiki and drink water and talk shit and think about reading books and dance on the floor naked and scream and masturbate. i love and live.

“i know my worth, don’t play me. you know my worth, don’t game me.”

peace and love,

katherine elizabeth jackson

Strength: Femme & Fire

nothing in my reflection can shock me now. i’ve seen a lot happen in her face.


my atoms are interactive under

the power of the stars.

i’m not alone, abby agreed.

i’m wearing my quartz

necklace and

adventurine bracelet like a

safety blanket.

i used to hide under my blanket for protection.



hard to embrace the silence right now. when it gets like this it can feel like everything is just slightly out of place. like just slightly shifted. and i get frantic. i’m a lot less frantic this time. i feel better about where to place things inside of me. i feel a lot better about “no”. i feel a lot better about me.

i saw james’ lock screen. his picture said, “be great.” i turned my beach nude into an inspirational photo. mine says,


“love yourself”.

because that’s what allows me to function properly throughout my day. loving me.

i sang “holy” by jamila woods this morning. it felt amazing and made me cry.

i sing in the showers now.

my shower routine:

  • stand
  • wet
  • hair
  • face
  • brush teeth
  • stand + think
  • talk to myself
  • wash face again
  • wash body
  • wet
  • sing
  • maybe dance
  • pray/reiki/breathe
  • get out

my showers last 25-30min. shower meditation.

i’m protected. i’m moving fast.


goodmorning, goodnight,

katherine elizabeth jackson

6 of Swords (Reversed), Ace of Wands: When You Know Better

i come with fire.

i’m a full phoenix and i’m not ever trying to deny it or be anything else. i’m accepting of my fire ways and they make me productive. it’s not something i would give up if i could and i definitely can’t.

sometimes i get a maturity check. and most times i get humbled into remembering that i’m young. a young adult. still young. i can’t force maturity, wisdom comes with time and still what do we know? who am i really?

the word is multitudes.

our multitudes of self are beautiful and abundant. of what we appreciate and what we overlook and catch us off-game. i am my fire. and we are all the elements: air, earth, fire, water and ether. look at us. look at this lavender tea i’m drinking. look at my angst. all pretty cool and all balance me.


from my connection to the

core, i glow.

a light and heat known after

by life and the creation of.

trust in the Earth’s heat

and arms of destruction,

transformation from know-nothin’

to know-less and the freedom of.

come to king.



  • i am accepting of my truths
  • i speak my truths
  • i love
  • i live my truths
  • i do compete or compare
  • i accept peace
  • i accept blessings
  • i accept time


i am moving past my expectations and living my best life right now. i am able to be successful. i no longer allow myself to hold myself back. i am the multitudes of i and gracefully. like wind i flow and falter and storm and flow again. i love.

peace and fire,

katherine elizabeth jackson

Ace of Wand (Reversed), Wheel of Fortune (Reversed): Lay Down and Let Your Blessings Do For You

Air sign. Today I was told that i’m the type of person to take an idea and go- no thought, no planning. Can’t really argue with that point. All I might add is “shut up, you don’t know me”, but that’s just my ridiculous shining through me.

Staying busy is important to me. This can be problematic. Filling up my time with projects, activities and transformations give me less time for silence, me time and meditation. One of my goals right now is to meditate at least once every day. I didn’t set a time, just once every day I sit and clear my mind. Listen to silence. I even set up a space a space in the corner of my bedroom for meditation. My bambara throw as my mat, my Cali-native Aloe Vera and the other one for air, energy and ambiance. Look at my perfectionism. She’s cute.


I would definitely say that I’ve been successful at this lol. Not in the way I thought I would. When I go to sleep I play 432hz music to release fear and anxiety. I do this when I wake up too.

Fun Fact: The first 30 min. as we fall asleep and as we wake up we are in a natural hypnosis. Great time for re-programming.

I also have been taking moments out of my day to focus on my breath. And that mat in the corner of my room looks nice.


I received some great advice today:

You can’t pray about something and stress about it.

True. Counterproductive.

So I have some things to admit to myself for my peace..

I am worthy of my own time.

I do a lot for the care of my people, my loved ones, my community.

What ever my heart truly wants becomes successful.

ooooooooooooooooooooooooh shit. It’s true. Look at God.


I’m ready to stop feeling guilty about my 4 hr naps.

And I’m ready to buy some new clothes. Let’s go. I’m worth it.


Goodmorning, goodnight,

Katherine Elizabeth Jackson

An Excavated Cave

An excavated cave of

Once and still precious

Treasures. A  tradition

Turned mystery,

A solution now a wonder of the world.


“She’s staring again.”

Still not comfortable with what

Has changed and they

Nicknamed her the


“She’s staring again.”

Visions more real than real

They call themselves real a


For Zirconium.

A feather on an earring in demand

Dyed colors too bright, desperate unlike the

Feather she found on the sand and

Put in her hair. Teasing.

When she stares she becomes..

The answer again.

A memory of


A memory of what it once was. Yes,

She’s new and reminiscent

Of what they believed could never be real.

Like an accidental imprint of arrowheads in the dirt.

-Katherine Elizabeth Jackson

Ace of Pentacles (Reversed): Old Ideas of Success

Understanding The Card

The Ace of Pentacles is an Earth element card. In the Rider-Waite Tarot deck the card shows us a hand of light coming out of a stormy cloud and offering us a coin with the 5-pointed star marked on it. 5 is the number of change and transformation.

The hand has 36 light-rays coming from it, which we also take into consideration when reading this card. We break the 36 down to 9 (3+6), which is the number of endings and completion. Reversed, the card is not offering us material gain and wealth necessarily, but explaining to us the importance of other means of wealth.

Financial and material wealth is not the only kind of wealth we are able to possess.


Goddesses of the New Self

Last Saturday I celebrated the “Year of the High Priestess” by attending a Los Angeles community event hosted by Spirit House Collective. The founder of Spirit House, Aja, spoke to us of the energy of the goddess, Oya, who is blessing us with her presence this year.

Oya is the Yoruba goddess of death, rebirth, storms and the underworld. She is a warrior spirit. She is like the goddess, Kali from the Hindu religion. Kali is also the goddess of death, the remover of the illusion of ego. These goddesses are here to play an important role in our lives during the first half of 2018 as the balance of the divine masculine and sacred feminine come together, creating more sustainable versions of self and removing old and unhealthy behaviors.

We are being removed from the illusions in the world. Our ideas of success being only material are no longer able to be considered true- we are limitless beings. Our ideas of women (goddesses) being subservient and weak are being acknowledged as untrue, and we are starting to come into our femininity, proud and determined. We are so much more than the limits that we put on ourselves, we are so much more than half a brain and an ageing body. We are legendary, even without material riches!

This year, we are the High Priestess, exerting external bravery and carrying internal maternal strength in order to make the world work for US.

Do not be afraid of the power you possess. Do not dim your light for anyone or anything. We are so much more than what our two eyes show us.

Peace and Love,

Katherine Elizabeth Jackson