Surrendering Ego For Collective Benefit

4 of Wands (Reversed); 9 of Pentacles (Reversed); 5 of Swords (Reversed)


AKA, Excess pride leads to disconnection and defeat.

That moment when you know what you need to do but it goes against everything you told yourself you were capable of doing and everything you told yourself you would ever do…

Did this moment stop you from doing the thing? Or did you check that ego at the door and say,

“Fuck it, I’m a new me today.”


I bet that when you listened to your intuition and did the thing that was so against your normal character, it made you feel good.

Checking the ego, our pride, and dropping it when it hinders us from doing what we really want or need to do changes us. It allows to grow forward and break through the boundaries we set up in ourselves. Once we break through those boundaries the first time, we’re more likely to do it a second time, a third, a fourth and so on until it becomes so easy to listen to our inner voice, we’re surprised that we ever were able to ignore it. We become even more connected with our true self, which might be nothing like who we thought we were. We free our minds just a lil bit more each time we listen to our true self and get closer to what people call “invincible”, meaning that even when we are going through the low points in our life, we know that soon we will come back to steady ground. We ride the waves of life instead of being drowned in the disappointment of our world not meeting our expectations. What does the world care about our expectations?? Our expectations are not the creator or co-creator of our lives, so if your expectations are causing you any pain, sadness, anger, drop them! That’s just extra baggage we don’t need to weigh us down.



On Collective Benefit Through Ego Death

We are all here to benefit one another. This is why children need to be nurtured, why we set up communities and cultures, why we have households, teams, groups and cliques. We are naturally communal beings. And one of our greatest (if not the greatest) purposes as people is to be and share our love! We are creatures made of love just like the entirety of our Universe is, and this only becomes distorted when we disconnect from our true selves. We disconnect by building and impenetrable ego built of hurt pride, envy and lack of forgiveness. But listen…

“Under all egos is a being of love and light.”

You can take my word for it or you can do the Self-Work to find out!



Embracing the community and utilizing what it has to offer you can allow you to not only connect more to yourself and what you have to offer, but it will help you grow and prosper. The tools are here, your tribe is here!

“Don’t let your pride tell you that you don’t deserve success.”


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Step 1: “Who Am I?”

Step 2: Be That Out Loud.

Step 3: Check That MF Daily!


Peace and Love,

Katherine Elizabeth Jackson


The Hermit (Reversed); Strength (Reversed): PSA! Being The Love You Need To Be Free

The balance of life includes moments of pure joy, some moments of peace, epiphanies and excitement as well as those moments when you’re sitting on the floor feeling and looking miserable, questioning

“Why tf am I here.”

In these miserable times, it’s hard to keep the faith, and your positivity is gone. It can be difficult to remember that you are loved and that being love is truly our only purpose. But know this NOW:

Your journey in the world you assisted in creating creates a higher vibration and steadier evolution for US because of YOUR Divine light.


We are all here because we are needed- by the Most High, by others, by our planet, our universe and dimension. Our presence is a present to the world, and showing up, even if you don’t feel like showing out, makes a difference in your life as well as others. So when I say stay strong, I mean for the benefit of us all! Explore the limitless of your world. Be the beauty we need now. 

A Universal Law: when one evolves, all have the ability to reach that level of evolution. When one awakens, so can the rest. Make sure that you are okay first, and then tackle the issues we all face. When you give love to yourself, when you do right for yourself, you open a gateway for all others to do the same. Being the beauty, being the inspiration, is necessary for positive change. There is no separation, all is one. And when this is fully understood, we become boundless.

Open your doors, they have no handles.



If we’re a collective vibe, what energy are we collectively vibing to?

Every day of this year so far I have had to face the depths of my inner workings. The hurt fragments of myself, the judgmental me and the vengeful me. I told them that I loved them and that they were not alone. I told them that they could live in my heart if they were ready to, and they were. We connected and held our self. This led us down a new and beautiful road in our path, the road of acceptance, which is where I needed to be. I am taking full responsibility as the leader of my life. I am removing my hesitations of being in leadership positions, of accepting praise and success. I am building a beautiful, stable home in my heart and stepping out of the darkness of my comfort zone so that I can utilize my life. I have told the Most High that I AM READY to see the world for what it is; My affirmations are clear. Now is my time to be me, sharing my intense love and passion with every corner of my planet.

There is no wrong in holding time for solitude, in fact I encourage it. But when it’s time to make a move, don’t doubt it. Our protection is with us always and only we can deny it.


Real quick talk about need… too many times have I been upset over not getting what I wanted, when I always had what I needed.

I will always have what I need when I need it. I will always be what I need to be when I need to be it.

That’s the faith I have in myself and in the Truth of life. Even on my most miserable days this is true. Look at life and analyze it without judgement; What am I gaining from sitting on this floor by myself that I wasn’t when I was being social and active? Did I need rest? Gratitude? Nutrition? Prayer? Was I existing in scenes that were unhealthy for my progression? Maybe I just needed to be humbled! When you can sit and receive this, you are free to make your way on. So be free,

“The world needs my light today.”


Listen to your body. Receive love. Be yourself.


Peace and Love,

Katherine Elizabeth Jackson

7 of Swords (Reversed); 4 of Pentacles: Being Open to Receiving Unconditionally

Something that is sometimes looked at as selfish or inconsiderate is the act of receiving. This can make it hard to ask for what you deserve. In America, we are told to GIVE more than we are told to take, and receiving from others can often be discouraged. Giving your time and energy can be a beautiful thing, but without the reciprocity you can soon find yourself drained and irritable. You can even suffer long-term emotional trauma.


I’m a giver. I have an open heart, motherly vibes, I’m a healer, a vessel and I enjoy being a source of light and love in the world. I also take in a lot of information daily (from experience, classes/workshops, advice, spirit), and I always find a way to pass it on. But here is something I keep in mind:

“Not everyone sees the world the way you do.”


And while this is super dope and allows us to share in each others unique beauty, if I’m constantly giving others my heart and attention with the expectation that

“Because I’m doing this, others will do the same for me”,

not only will I quickly drain myself, I will be hurt or upset if my expectations are not met. It can become a distraction from truly getting in touch with my wants, needs, myself and my life. If I take time to breathe, give to myself and get to know myself, I create a more solid foundation of love, acceptance and care within. I can continue to give without expectation, and allow others to give back to their hearts desire.



Self-care is a very important aspect of my life. It is a practice of re-charging and when I care for my body on my time, on my terms, I’m able to continue my work as a healer, organizer and artist in a sustainable way. Life can be very exhausting as an empath; I’m constantly soaking up every feeling from everywhere and carrying it as my own. If I don’t take moments to sit with self, I’m not able to do my work 100%.



Some Great Ways I Care For Myself

  1. A warm shower, ocean sounds, and diffusing Lavender Essential Oil. This allows you to put aside your ego and physical form; To listen to your thoughts and feelings without judgement and let them fade out like the waves of the ocean…
  2. Sitting. AKA sitting meditation. There are many ways to do this, so explore to find what works best for you. Some options are candle gazing (focusing on the flame of a candle to clear the mind), focusing on the breath (eyes closed, focus on deep breaths entering and leaving the body), envisioning and guided meditation (focusing on manifesting something into your life or envisioning yourself in a scene). For sitting, I recommend buying a Meditation Cushion so your bum doesn’t get sore.
  3. Grooming Myself w/ Love. I really enjoy taking a full day to groom myself. Shaving, long showers or baths with herbal infusions (Lavender, Rose), putting on facial masks, lathering myself in sweet almond or coconut oil and letting it sit, meditating in the sun or reading a book.
  4. Breath of Fire. This is an active meditation. It helps emotionally, mentally, sexually, physically and spiritually detoxify the body and builds creative energy. Not recommended for women on their cycle. To Do: Sit cross-legged on a stable surface with your hands palms-up on your knees. Close your eyes and focus on your third-eye point, which is in between the eyebrows. Take a deep inhale and start to take rapid in-and-out breaths through your nose, like the panting of a dog. Contract and release your stomach muscles in rhythm with your breath. For extra release, clench genital muscles as you do this. Do for 3, 7, or 11 minutes.
  5. Mindfulness. Just being very present in your body as you accomplish each task, like eating and drinking. This will help you enjoy every moment to its fullest.
  6. Silence.
  7. Reiki. As a Reiki practitioner, I have the amazing opportunity to perform a healing session on myself at any time. I like to imagine the energy flowing through me as I’m going to sleep, or when the sun’s light shines on me in the morning. Sessions on others also boost me; whenever you perform a session, you also receive the love. If you are not a practitioner and are looking to receive a session or learn more, visit the Reiki & Holistic Realignment page of my website or feel free to contact me. I would love to share it with you.

Being open to receiving unconditionally is a practice of love for self and others.




Natural Face Mask: Charcoal, Honey and Coconut Oil

What You Need

5+ Grade Manuka Honey:

anti-inflammatory, heals acne, reduces redness and eczema, clears bacteria

Activated Charcoal Powder:

draws out dirt and bacteria, disinfect, soaks up toxins

Coconut Oil:

moisturizer, anti-bacterial, skin repair, treats eczema and psoriasis, and more, coconut oil is great

Super simple, just mix together and coat your face with a thick layer of the mixture. Keep on as long as you like, then gently use your fingertips to wash off with circular motions until mask is completely removed. Warning: Charcoal is messy.

Peace and Love,

Katherine Elizabeth Jackson

The Fool; Knight of Wands: Bearing the Responsibility of Being the Co-Creator of a Free World AKA For the Youth


“The youth are our future” is not a metaphor.

Last week, I found myself at a Black children’s parent-teacher meeting. As someone out of school and without kids, I wasn’t expecting to find myself participating in a conversation/workshop on Black children’s educational progress at Jackie Robinson Elementary. I was invited there for an informational on a school-day festival for Black kids that I was hoping to participate in, but I ended up sitting through a 2 hour discussion on

“What can we as parents do to help our Black children succeed in a system/world that they are not even close (yet) to understanding or utilizing?”

trying to look like a concerned mom. This was a lil awkward for me.. I felt like it wasn’t my place to be present as someone without kids. But still I was included in the meeting. They never asked me to leave and they encouraged my feedback. I paid attention. Even though I didn’t know at the beginning of the meeting what I would be receiving from being there, I knew that there was a reason that I didn’t feel the need or want to leave. I kept my eyes on the PowerPoint presentation showing me that only 24% of Black students at the school scored at least proficient on their English testing, only 25% in Math, that only 94% were showing up to school regularly, about 32% were receiving referrals, and 25% were getting suspended. I listened as the parents shared their opinions on what they thought could be the causes for this… And then I was reminded of my time as a grade-school (specifically high school, *gag*) student, which wasn’t long enough ago to be fully burned from my memory.


I remembered the too-many-nights of staring at papers with sentences I read over and over again and still could not comprehend. I remembered waking up and wondering if (hoping that) my breakdown would be today; How could I again face the disgusted eyes of my peers (and sometimes school officials)? The disappointed looks of teachers when I turned in blank or half done homework? My “friends” who spent most of their time with me talking about what we hated or who misunderstood us? My piece of shit boyfriend who was stuck in the principal’s office again for fighting? Another fight with my parents over my tragic grades when I got home? My own self for being so lost and thinking I was so stupid and wanting friends so bad I was consistently suspended for ditching with them? Etc.? Etc.? FUCK. And when I look at how I felt then… the root cause of most of my suffering, confusion, rebellion, and heartache was that

I felt completely unsupported and unloved.

These are our children, and are the answers to the problems we face NOW. We need to be the people we want our kids to be, we need to show them what success looks like, what love looks like, what support and understanding looks like. If we are not present in our children’s lives, showing them what positivity, progression and wisdom looks like, then another force will take our place, and will be the ones to influence their education, well-being and our fate.


It starts with us.


How We Can Benefit OUR YOUTH Now

Questions to Ask Ourselves

Thank you to Dr. Deena Brown for originally asking me these questions during the Black parent-teacher meeting at Jackie Robinson Elementary and bringing this to my attention.

  • What do I want for the children of my community in an educational setting?
  • What do I see?
  • What do I need to help me help my kids?
  • What will I do now?


Opportunities to Positively Influence The Children of Our Community

These are just a start to the many options we have available to play an influential role in the lives of our youth. If you have a talent, money, time, love, SHARE IT. We all have a choice in the fate of our future. This is our responsibility as co-creators of a free world.

Peace and Love,

Katherine Elizabeth Jackson

9 of Cups (Reversed); The Lovers: On Romantic Relationships As A Young Woman

I’m finding now that what makes me most at ease in a relationship with someone(s) is when free people who love each other, love each other as a way to express their liberation.


Today I fell in love with the world again. I haven’t felt that feeling since the last time I pledged to take a hiatus from romantic partnerships. The decision led me to a mind state of self-acceptance and forgiveness of self and others for being human. I was/am no longer holding others accountable for the cranes in the sky (thank you Solange). Two words remind me to include all in my love:


As I start to come back into myself as a “single person” again (aka, me.), I have to agree that I knew the risk. Just as I know the risk in exploring the shadows of my soul, I know the risk in exploring the shadows of someone else’s…




On Dating Men vs. Women (My Own Experiences)

Men interest me. I observe them, especially if we are romantically involved. There is something about men that I understand in my core/don’t fucking get at all.

As a woman, when I am romantically involved with a woman, I see her as a direct reflection of myself. I understand quickly why she is the person that she is and our relationship becomes like a sisterhood. There is more of a friendship and the romance is a bonus.

With men, I find myself taking the place of their mother as well as their lover and confidant. I’m the person they trust with their vulnerability, I’m the one they explore themselves through and the one to offer unconditional love, acceptance and overall HELP. On my side I ask for the same acceptance, unconditional love and trustworthiness, and an even exchange of energy. Most of the men I have dated have needed more unconditional love from themselves than from me.


Only self can give self what it needs.

The partnership is when we all have what we need and abundance and share in that together.




Some key things I’m finding from connecting yourself to someone else’s path in a very deliberate and conscientious way are:

That ultimately, the fate of the type of relationship you have with someone(s) is already written by the god-source of everyone involved. There is no blame for the relationship evolving into something unplanned (doesn’t mean you can’t complain about being fucked with or mistreatment); There is no real fault. There is always something to be learned and bless up for each day being new.

Mental Note: Manhood. Womanhood. The terms can be taken so many ways. But their true meaning talks about the 3 forces in every Earth-life: the birth, the fruit and the understanding. And without the understanding we might not have been able to grow to a point where we can discuss manhood and womanhood.

Peace and Love,

Katherine Elizabeth Jackson

King of Cups: The Hot Water Does Self Work

A poem about passion being confused as anger…

Living close to the soul of the Earth

Is the reason why I stay ready to pop off.

It feels wrong, holding on to guilt,

When i’m being so natural.

But when I get upset,

I remember that I knew the risk.

You will live with me eternally and

I admit that i’ll love you that long too.

I’ve met you before in this lifetime,

So i’m sure you’ll be here again.

We’ll chill, fuck and remember.

I just don’t want to act separate,

I’m forgetful and I want to be reminded.


Peace and Love,

Katherine Elizabeth Jackson

Queen of Swords: Sitting With Self/I Am The Love I’ve Been Looking For

A story of a weight being carried in my search for beauty. A story of being a mother in the raising of a love frequency, while existing as a human girl in the life-long process of raising herself.

I always felt the need to raise a child. To hold in my arms my own love. A physical, emotional sense greater than the peak of spiritual arousal. I wanted to feel what is was like to give without boundaries. To see in front of me joy without guilt or fear. This image and craving has lived in the hearts of several of me throughout my relationships with men, and in the perfectionism of my work. With men- go deep. Penetrate the layers of him quickly and without full permission. Tie him up in your needs; Let him live the untraceable fantasy. With my work- break your back with your own authority. No mistakes. Shut up. Speak up. Get it right, get it tight. Bust through doors. Wear the heels and your shit-stomping boots. I had allowed disrespect to leak through my fine lines unknowingly for the need. But, I have also surpassed my expectations for myself, becoming the only woman I would ever allow to fuck my life in such a way that I would give up all past identities and start fresh with her in the unknown. In me I have found my everything. My water and my desert sun. And as I face her now, sensing her beauty so deeply that it extends beyond the universal force, I see in her the child. My son, Orion Jabrielle, the man and the spirit. The prodigal child of my life’s vision and unknowingly tended mission. My own birth is freeing me daily. I threw away my last pregnancy test. Where are we going now, love?


Peace and Love,

Katherine Elizabeth Jackson (The Vessel)

10 of Wands (Reversed): When Progression Happens Naturally AKA Passive Transport

“Don’t try just do.”

My mantra whenever I feel self-doubt creeping into my new, full-proof plans. I’ll be so excited and my mind is full of inspiration and step-by-step plans to reach a specific goal. I can’t get to my notebook fast enough, i’m writing everything down as it comes. For an intellectual creative, an idea is gold. It might be what’s going to take you all around the world; it might be the answer to one of the problems that you have tried facing but couldn’t tackle for months now. It might be the key to the house on the cliff over-looking the Atlantic in the Ivory Coast.

As soon as almost every detail has come to mind, and now all that’s left is to put it in action, that’s when it hits. The voice that says “BUT…”. (OOOOOOOOOOOOH and the worst part is when the “but” is right and it actually isn’t currently feasible, just something to maybe keep in mind for the future.) All of a sudden, your full-proof plan looks foreign and full of holes! Soon, it’s just a memory. And we were so close to our dream house………..

Today, say no to that voice (which btw, IS NOT YOUR VOICE)

Today we have a supportive and uplifting energy around us. There’s no need to stress yourself by worrying. It’s a beautiful day to actually make some shit move. Like how this morning I cooked several bomb dishes:

Yes, they were very good. Feeling good, eating good, looking good. HeeeeeeeEEeeeeeey!

Mental Note: Don’t forget to splash some fresh rose water on your face before you go out tonight. I’m looking like grind time.

Peace and Love,

Katherine Elizabeth Jackson

P.S! How To Make Rose Water Spray:

10 of Cups: Placing Peace

On the card is a picture of a happy family enjoying a rainbow reaching over their land with 10 golden cups inside of it. All is well. It’s also perfect that this card chooses to be read as the heavy storm that has been raging all night and all day in Southern California clears. Believe in the new day.


Today I know that I have received golden information. Advice from someone established in my career of interest (a doula) who invited me into her studio for a 2 hour conversation and Red Tea, sharing with me advice and guidance that will not only benefit my work as a healer, but has already helped to ground me in my growth and wisdom as a human being, a child of God and Earth. I am reminded of the importance of elders and I’ve been painlessly humbled.

“Everything is written.”

And after 2 hours of staring into the unguarded, knowing eyes of the sacred feminine, I can say with calm confidence,

“Separation does NOT exist.”

Wow. It’s so simple (BUT NOT EASY) to connect with that. And now that I am, what can stop me from living my life as me? Nothing. Everything. Lol.

…the energy I needed to be okay/the energy I needed to remove to be okay/he energy that consumed me when I felt that everything was okay… same. Able to be manipulated. Not able to be removed.

With the rainbow over my life I still feel the same, living the life that I am, learning the process as I do. Peace and acceptance are my tools. I’m still the authority. And love is still what i’m made of. But when the rainbow comes out it’s like OOOOOOOOOOOoooooooOHHHHHHHHH I GET IT.

Holding onto the waist of my existence,

Proud to call her my partner,

My lover and my confidant.

I look at the arrangement of Divine Love above us,

Remembering when we first met

My partner was bruised and confused

She said she didn’t know me; She told me I didn’t remember her.

Well now what do you say to me?

That you trust me and that you’re here for us.

I see you hold my hand in public and wash and oil my hair.

When they try to join us we let them and if they leave we hold each other.

You are so much more to me than lust.

You are my inspiration; I look at you now and see something unbreakable.

You aren’t a queen but the essence of one.

I will remember you eternally like the sky remembers our rainbow.

Peace and Love (before I get caught up in the cups),

Katherine Elizabeth Jackson

9 of Cups (Reversed): Emotions and You

Separating yourself from emotional chaos in order to get shit done.

So first, let me say that my definition of success at the moment is:

“When you stop stopping yourself from doing what your intuition says to do.”


When your intuition says to do something, it will probably feel like the number one thing you DO NOT want to do right now. But sure enough, after you’ve done it, you start to see the difference between your logic and divine logic. Divine logic says,

“Fuck what you want to do, here’s what you need to do.” 

Divine logic does not steer you the wrong way. It might, and probably will, lead you down the most extra uncomfortable way possible, but only to allow you to utilize every millisecond of life. Because every millisecond matters forever.

When emotional exhaustion hits you, remove the emotions for a minute. Bet that it will help relieve the exhaustion. And if it doesn’t, try some Damiana, Rooibos, Hibiscus, Ginger and Elderberry tea with honey and lemon. Mmmmmmmmm.

Mental Note: Continue to listen to dreams. They show you your life, no filter. And if you see something you don’t like, acknowledge it. Dreams know the past, the present and the future and they know when to show you…

Ohhhhh life, and all your readily-available-yet-mysterious tools. Love you.

Peace and Love,

Katherine Elizabeth Jackson

P.S! A great read: